About us

Isy Brachot and his wife, Sabrina, opened Galerie B in October 2020.

At Galerie B, customers can expect expert support and advice from a seasoned team striking the ideal balance between tradition and modern communication techniques: Isy, with his long track record in the art world, and Sabrina, who brings to the table a fresh and dynamic perspective gleaned from her experience in publishing and marketing. 

It all started in 1915 when Isy Brachot I opened an art gallery and launched the periodical L’Art Belge.
His son, Isy Brachot II, took over the reins and opened a new gallery with a focus on contemporary works from established names like Dali, Léger, Picasso, Ensor and the Sint-Martens-Latem School, as well as up-and-coming Belgian talent such as Delmotte.

His son Isy Brachot III, a doctor of law, and his wife Christine Duchiron immersed themselves in the world of Surrealism – an association that put the family business firmly on the map. The gallery continued to prosper as it embraced new movements such as Hyperrealism and exhibited the works of artists such as Beuys, Buren, Opałka, Panamarenko, Gina Pane, Rauschenberg and many others.

Galerie Brachot made a name for itself outside Belgium when it opened new premises in Paris and began collaborating with some of the world’s most famous galleries, including Leo Castelli in New York and Maeght in Paris.

Isy Brachot IV worked alongside his parents before taking over the running of Galerie Brachot in 2000 and founding his own gallery in 2004.

That same year, he opened Galerie Gabriel Brachot, a contemporary art space in one of the most vibrant areas of Brussels, to showcase the works of contemporary artists like Guillaume Liffran, Sebastien Delire, Alain Bornain, Berend Hoekstra, Hilarius Hofstede, Christian Denzler, Robert Quint, Cathy Coez and more.

In 2006, Isy moved from the former premises at Avenue Louise and opened the new Espace Gabriel Brachot.

From 2010 onwards, he specialised as a modern and contemporary art consultant, supporting the artists that Galerie Brachot had worked with and championed over the years.

After honing his expertise in Belgian Surrealism, he opted to focus exclusively on the works of René Magritte, bringing to the table the full breadth of his experience in the family business.

In 2020, Isy and Sabrina decided it was time to put the emphasis back on the unique, emotive bond between a collector and a work of art. They were determined to share their passion for their hand-picked works – for the stories of the artists behind them, for the messages they seek to convey, and for how they fit into the history of art or contemporary society. In short, their aim was to move beyond the way works of art are typically viewed by the market – as often speculative investments – and to focus on what really matters: on the power of art to convey ideas.
A work of art is the result of something intrinsically human: the artist’s desire to share their vision and expression of the world and their expression with others. To share a part of themselves through the simple beauty and fragility that has been a mainstay of art since its inception.

With this aim in mind, Sabrina and Isy opened Galerie B.

The gallery offers a range of services, including advice and interior design support for customers, with personalised hanging and a comprehensive vision of their spaces and collection. Through conversations and in-depth discussions, the gallery is able to gain a clear sense of customers’ requirements and expectations.