About us

Galerie B was created in October 2020 by Sabrina & Isy Brachot.

It is an art gallery that exhibits works by modern and contemporary artists in a collective display that will change according to the exhibitions organised throughout the year.

Galerie B by Sabrina and Isy Brachot is located in the heart of Durbuy. The co-founders were charmed by the smallest town in the world, a place where people pass through, where they meet, where they can enjoy leisure activities and gastronomy, and where it is still possible to take time out.

Sabrina and Isy Brachot are happy to welcome visitors to Galerie B in this exceptional environment.

The works in Galerie B are selected through visits to artists' studios, the discovery of treasures in private homes, and a skilful blend of passion and knowledge for modern and contemporary art through the selection of unique and important works in the careers of the artists presented.

This selection combines the eye of the passionate collector with the expertise of the wise gallery owner.

Galerie B is pleased to bring its expertise and advice to its clients by combining Isy Brachot's background with the fresh and dynamic eye of his wife who, with her experience in publishing and marketing, brings a fine balance between tradition and contemporary means of communication.

In 2020, Sabrina and Isy Bachot make it a point of honour to create the link that unites each collector with the emotion that a work of art provides. They wish to share their passion for the works selected, the artist's career, the message he or she wished to convey, his or her involvement in the history of art or in today's society.

To return to the origin of what a work of art is able to transmit and not to reduce it only to what it is in part, namely an investment or a speculative investment, an argument too often hammered by the market today.

A work of art is the product of a human being wishing to share his vision, his expression of the world and his emotions of life with others, to share a part of himself in all simplicity with the beauty and fragility that have characterised artists since the birth of art.
This is how Sabrina and Isy Brachot decided to create their space Galerie B.

Among the various services offered, Galerie B also wishes to assist its clients in the advice and design of their interiors through a personalised hanging and a vision of their entire space and collection. This work of reflection is the result of dialogues and interviews that allow us to identify in harmony the needs and expectations of our clients.

It all began in 1915 with Isy Brachot I who founded a gallery and a magazine, L'Art belge.
His son, Isy Brachot II, took over by founding a new gallery which he opened to modernitý with Dali, Léger, Picasso, Ensor, the School of Laethem-Saint-Martin, revealing moreover young Belgian talents such as Delmotte.

His son, Isy Brachot III, a young doctor of law, and his wife Christine Duchiron began a formidable complicitý with the surrealist circles that would make the gallery famous, which would continue to develop fruitfully by revealing currents such as hyperrealism, artists such as Beuys, Buren, Opalka, Panamarenko, Gina Pane, Rauschenberg and many others.
The Brachot gallery became well known outside our borders by opening a space in Paris and by exchanging with the most famous galleries in the world (Leo Castelli in New York, Maeght in Paris, etc.).

Isy Brachot, the fourth in line, worked alongside his parents before taking over the management of Galerie Brachot in 2000 and launching his own gallery in 2004.

That year, he opened a contemporary art section called "Galerie Gabriel Brachot" in one of the liveliest districts of Brussels, where he exhibited young contemporary artists such as Guillaume Liffran, Sebastien Delire, Alain Bornain, Berend Hoekstra, Hilarius Hofstede, Christian Denzler, Robert Quint, Cathy Coez, etc.

In 2006, Isy Brachot moved to Avenue Louise and opened the Espace Gabriel Brachot.
 From 2010 onwards, he specialises in modern and contemporary art as a consultant for the artists with whom Galerie Brachot has worked and whom it has defended for many years.

He further refines his expertise in Belgian surrealism with René Magritte, to whom he devotes himself exclusively, combining all his knowledge with his family experience.