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Isy Brachot and his wife, Sabrina, opened Galerie B in October 2020.

The gallery operates as a permanent exhibition space, showcasing works by modern and contemporary artists under one roof.

Galerie B is located in the heart of Durbuy, famous for being the world’s smallest city and a place known for its sociability, entertainment and great food. The owners, Sabrina and Isy Brachot, were drawn to its charms and its slower pace of life.

Sabrina and Isy are delighted to welcome visitors to Galerie B in this stunning setting.

The works on display are hand-picked by the owners from artists’ studios and individual collections, drawing on their intimate knowledge of modern and contemporary art. The result is pieces that reflect their passion – unique works that make an important statement about the artists who created them.

Their selection combines the eye of an enthusiastic collector with the expertise of a seasoned gallery owner.

Each year, Galerie B will host three or four collective exhibitions featuring artists championed by the owners.

For its third exhibition, Galerie B wanted to highlight the four painters with whom it collaborates.

Like four worlds of their own, Berend HOEKSTRA, Kevens PREVARIS, Johan VAN MULLEM and Alain BORNAIN invite us to a pictorial journey through their work.
Each one plunges us into his universe according to his values, his history and his centers of interests.
At the same time, we wished to put in resonance their work with a modern artist who is in the same spirit or who recalls the origin of their artistic inspiration.

A second reading of the exhibition is offered to the visitor through a selection of photographs that punctuate the display and invite you to look at the paintings as the photographed subjects do, observing them intrigued.

A look at the present and the past, the origins and the evolutions.
A window to the emotions felt and the artistic expressions desired.


A selection of works by

Kevens PREVARIS - Francesca WOODMAN
Alain BORNAIN - Stefan de JAEGER

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Past exhibitions

REVEAL " Abstract and Multiple Emotions"

April 2021 - August 2021

For its second exhibition, La Galerie B presented you in Durbuy

REVEAL "Abstract and Multiple Emotions

A selection of works by

Julian Schnabel, Chun Kwang Young, Francis Bacon, Rauschenberg, René Magritte, Berend Hoekstra, Johan Van Mullem, Miguel Etchepare, Kevens Prevaris, Hilarius Hofstede...


October 2020 - March 2021

The opening exhibition featured artists such as Magritte, Frank Stella, Joseph Beuys, Berend Hoekstra, Roman Opalka, Alain Bornain, Damien De Lepeleire, Panamarenko, Miguel Etchepare, Felix Labisse and others

Practical info

Galerie B

24 a rue du comte Théodule d’Ursel
6940 Durbuy

Opening hours

open from Thursday to Sunday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
and by appointment

Tel: +32 478 34 00 56 | +32 475 66 91 70
email: sabrina@galerieb.be | isy@galerieb.be
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