Henri Van Herwegen, known as Panamarenko was born in Antwerp in 1940. In the fifties, he attended the Antwerp Academy of Fine Arts and at the same time acquired extensive knowledge in the physical sciences, chemistry and mechanics. During this period, always in search of new materials and new possibilities of action, he carried out the most incredible experiments with strange and artificial materials in the company of Hugo Heyrman. He forged his pseudonym, a possible contraction of Pan American and Co, or perhaps the name of a Soviet general heard on the radio. In 1965, under his pseudonym that had become definitive, Panamarenko took part in a series of happenings, letting himself be guided by this chance to which he attributes his meeting with Joseph Beuys who invited him in 1968 to exhibit at the Düsseldorf Academy. Over the years, his identity reveals itself as a constant exploration of space, displacement and gravity.The expression of this movement, both poetic and scientific, will take the most diverse forms. Flying or rolling machines, motorised or not, made or remaining as models, to which Panamarenko brings a scientific attention nourished by the study of insect flight, energy sources, propulsion, without ever ceasing to lose sight of his ultimate intention as an artist: the poetic symbiosis with nature and the elements


Klein Plumbiet

20 x 20 x 15 cm

Sculpture-Mixed technique


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48,5 x 63 cm

Sérigraphie en couleur édition XI/XV signée


€ 4.500,00

Bing Motor B/edition

33 x 44 cm

Lithographie édition 150/150 signée


€ 2.500,00


Billet de 500

21 x 27 cm

Billet de 500 francs belges Magritte signé PANAMARENKO avec le stamp North Sea Depot


€ 1.700,00


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